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How to enunciate better reddit lol

I love talking to people and getting to know them. The problem is that I have a problem enunciating my sentences, something that multiple. When you speak, enunciate each word and finish the sentence. my younger brother and I could practically talk in mumbles to each other lol. Grew up with a lisp and slight speech impediment. I don't have the lisp anymore but I don't really enunciate words that much, especially when.

Please try not to post more than one project a month. . when 50 & Kanye had slurring issues, and made some of their rawest songs lol. Someone must have not liked what I said. lol. permalink . The best way I learned to enunciate my words properly and talk at a "normal speed". one of the best things you can do IMHO for better enunciation is to practice tongue twisters. I hate when people can't understand me lol.

[LPT Request] How can I improve my volume of talking/enunciation of .. Lol. I actually clicked this thread because I get complaints all the time. I read lol as 'lol' (like the beginning of lolly), I think I do this because I use to have a friend who would say lol out loud and it sounded like that. Survey: How People Pronounce League of Legends Champions and that does bother me not knowing if I'm saying something properly. WTF = "What the Fuck!" in my head, whereas LOL = "Lohl".

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