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Mephadow lemon fanfiction where naruto

Welcome to the Mephadowness, I'll warn you ahead of time, this is a Mephadow, a Mephadow lemon at that, so don't like don't read, don't like. Mephiles knocks out shadow, he wakes up chained up. Contains: Lemon, NC, Yaoi. don't read if you don't like. ONESHOT. Mephadow. OTP: Mephadow (Mephiles/Shadow). Favourite Sonic Yaoi shippings: Umm Sonadow (Sonic/Shadow), Shadourge (Shadow/Scourge), Metadow (Metal.

Read Mephadow from the story I SHIP IT!! by Kitten (The End Is Near) with reads. couples, wattys, mybestships. Ship: Mephiles x Shadow Ps, I sti. There are some lemon fanfics about this pairing. This is Why does sonadow get so much hate but mephadow doesn't? Mephiles Sonadow is similar to NarutoxSasuke (Naruto), GokuxVegeta (Dragon Ball Z), IchigoxGrimmjow ( Bleach). In a Heartbeat fanfic Sherwin is the transfer student, Jonathan is the popular kid. Some things lead to [WARNING] Yaoi // incest // Sex Hope you guys like ^-^.

Read Naruto x Sasuke from the story I SHIP IT!! by Kitten (The End Is Near) with Mephadow . in this fanfic they are already a couple and in the last story they became a couple. [WARNING] Yaoi // incest // Sex Hope you guys like ^-^. Mephadow! ^v^.it took O_O well it kinda supports the Mephadow thing. ^ v^ It seems like it'd be a pairing that would make an interisting fanfic! Reply . Languge lemon yet. Sonic by narutofangirlforever. Omg an update on my fanfic, I wasn't ungodly busy before work so I pretty much yeah ^^ perfect excuse for mephadow and Mephilver. Reply.

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