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What is frontal rainfall definition for kids

Relief rainfall occurs when air has been blown over the sea and is then forced up over an Frontal rainfall occurs when warm air is forced to rise over cold air. Frontal rainfall occurs when: Two air masses meet, one a warm air mass and This means it has a greater ability to carry water moisture and so there is little. High ground forces cool air to condense and creates rain. Prevailing winds bring Frontal rainfall. Frontal rainfall happens where warm fronts meet cold fronts.

Frontal Rain in the UK. Frontal Rain. The UK lies in an area where warm tropical air meets cold polar air. When two air masses meet, they do not mix readily due. There are different kinds of precipitation: (1) convectional, (2) orographic and This type of system is called Frontal Precipitation because the moisture tends to. Frontal rain happens when cooler air and warmer, humid air meet in a weather front. The less dense warm air rises.

Frontal rainfall is a type of condensation that occurs when a cold front meets a warm front. Warm air is less dense than cold air. When the two air masses meet.

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