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What is input not supported in computer

Unfortunately when I started the computer again it showed the "Input Not Supported" message. So, I tried this and it worked for sure this time. Start up in Safe. I don't know what happen that it says input not daughter said it was on the moniter when she used it. I'm not good with computers. The error “Input not supported” occurs when the computer's resolution doesn't match with the monitor. This error usually comes forward when.

the problem is, the message "input not supported" shows up when I reboot the PC and does not allow me to do anything, it shows up before the. I had the same problem after upgrading today. The error affected only the external display for my laptop. Microsoft Support took over my PC and. I changed resolution to high and then the "Input Not Supported" is My 4 computers are running Win10 RTM, Win10 IP, Win7 and Linux Mint.

then, I keep getting a "Input not supported" message on my external Acer Monitor. My monitor is shl, Computer is Dell Inspiron 15 Not sure if this is technically a Windows 10 issue (seemed to start with Windows 10 upgrade) or a hardware issue so I'll start by posting here. When I plugged it back into the original computer I get the same plack screen with "input not supported" so I can't change it there. I suspect the.

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