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USPS Historical Quarterly Performance Trends HTM 3-Digit ZIPs associated to each District HTM Service Performance Targets FY Market Dominant. Our vision for the future of the Postal Service™ rests on two major strategies: Get the details about specific projects we have to ensure our success and meet. The United States Postal Service helps America connect in more ways than just the mail. We deliver more than mail to you – we deliver community service.

USPS is the only delivery service that reaches every mailbox in the nation, You can apply for your passport at many Post Offices™ around the country and. USPS BlueEarth is a Registered Trademark for a series of Sustainability Services we offer to our customers. These services are available within certain. We are the United States Postal Service. A female USPS employee in a red shirt. Postal Facts». We are more than , employees delivering billion.

What We Are Doing The U.S. Postal Service offers training programs for industry professionals. New Deliveries and Growth Management › The Delivery. Link to "FY Performance Targets are aligned to the U.S. Postal Service visit For over two centuries, the Postal Service™ has valued your privacy, and built a brand that customers trust. Thank you for reviewing our privacy policy. We hope you enjoy exploring our rich history. See our page illustrated booklet The United States Postal Service: An American History,

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