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How to give fudge as a gift

Giving out homemade fudge this year? Get eye-catching ideas to make your gifts stand out, plus tips for wrapping, storing, and mailing fudge. Apr 13, Cute way to package fudge for gifts--disposable aluminum pot pie tin with lid and a cute tag. Give a pineapple as a neighbor gift for Christmas. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you know that fudge is a fabulous gift to give at Christmastime (and even better to receive)! But if you're a little.

Traditional fudge recipes require a candy thermometer and a fair amount of precision to get the texture just Follow the directions below on how to package your fudge once it cools. Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Give Us Your Feedback. The family traditions o fresh fudge in decorative tins still lives on today. Why not make your holiday gifts special and give each one on your list a container of. People commonly use a gift tin or box to store fudge. Choose your vessel and layer a piece of waxed paper cut to size in the bottom of the container and add the.

I'm going to attempt making fudge as Christmas presents for the DC's teachers this year instead of jammy dodgers. The thing is, cellophane bags look. So you've made that banana bread/batch of cookies/hot fudge sauce. By the dozens. How do you wrap it all up? I'm all about the presentation, and try to put as. Glorious fudge! It just isn't Christmas without all the fudge. Whether you're looking for food gifts to bring to neighbors and friends, or you want a. No one can resist a square of creamy homemade fudge for Christmas, and here The most-loved of all the fudges, these caramel recipes give you the right.

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