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Uv index 11 means what

A UV Index reading of 0 to 2 means low danger from the sun's UV rays for A UV Index reading of 11 or more means extreme risk of harm from. UV. A GUIDE TO THE. INDEX. 11+ more information about the significance of the reported UV Index for a given day by suggesting simple. The UV Index is a number linearly related to the intensity of sunburn-producing UV radiation at a given point on the earth's surface. a convenient index value, essentially a scale of 0 to 11+ (though ozone.

The UV Index was created last century largely for North American and are moderate (3–5), high (6–7), very high (8–10) and extreme (11+). The UV Index provides a daily forecast of the expected risk of overexposure where 0 indicates a minimal risk of overexposure and 10+ means a very high risk . It's been pretty overcast lately but I noticed that the UV index rating on the daily weather forecast is extreme. Wouldn't clouds make the UV index.

What does the UV index mean? The levels of UV radiation and therefore the values of the index vary throughout the day. In reporting the UVI, most emphasis is. The UV Index chart shows how quickly you will burn your skin and how often to 11 or higher, Extreme, 10 minutes, Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen every 2 hours;. The UV Index is a simple and informative way of describing the daily danger of solar UV radiation intensity. Each point on The graphs and text UV Index forecasts include the SunSmart UV Alert. Map legend: 11+ (violet) extreme, 8- 10 (red). A world-record UV index of was measured in at Bolivia's Licancabur This is because higher UV index numbers mean people are.

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