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How to copy text from facebook messenger

Is there a way to copy & paste text messages within Facebook Messenger. Why doesn't the iOS Facebook Messenger app allow copying text. How do I copy unselectable text from any Android app?. When you chat with a friend, the conversation appears in a chat window in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to get yuffie in wutai side

How to get your Materia back from Yuffie if she steals it from you in Wutai - part of The Wutai Stolen Materia side quest can be completed anytime during the. Ok so i am playing the PSN version of FFVII. I just go to the point after where you get Cid and you now have the ship in water. I went up toward Wutai and Yuffie.


Amarilla plants how to cut flower

Gardening question - Hi I recently purchased an Amarilla plant which Do I cut it back to within a couple of inches of the bulb - or will it flower. How to Take Care of an Amarillas Plant Amaryllis Plant, Amaryllis Bulbs, Indoor . on line Color Rosa, Pink Roses, Pale Pink, Pink Flowers, Fresh Flowers. An Amarillo plant (scientific name Tabebuia chrysantha) is generally known as a Wait until the leaves become yellow and die and then cut them all off to a..


Dumbass guy means what

Guy 1: I think it might be time to have that compound fracture looked at by a doctor dude. Guy 2: Nah the problem would get compounded Lol Guy 1: WTF?. Define dumbass.


How to write ancient chinese calligraphy

Calligraphy established itself as the most important ancient Chinese art the ancient scripts are still imitated today in modern Chinese writing. Seal script (Chinese: 篆書; pinyin: zhuànshū) is an ancient style of writing Chinese characters that was common throughout the latter. Calligraphy, or the art of writing, was the visual art form prized above all others in traditional China.”..


What is the meaning of brethren

brethren definition: 1. (used as a form of address to members of an organization or religious group) brothers 2. (used as a form of address to members of an.


Ncct how many questions on nclex

The minimum and maximum number of questions test-takers will face on the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN tests are explored here, as well as how the. CAT tailors test questions to your ability level and achieve faster, more Passing the NCLEX demonstrates your competency and readiness to begin your carrier that falls below the passing standard at any point during the last 60 questions. There is a lot of information out there about this exam, so much so, in fact, that it may be hard to see the In the past, all NCLEX questions were multiple choice..


Delete whatsapp backup android

You may delete your WhatsApp backups by following the instructions below. Your chat history backup files are saved in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/. How to Delete Backups on WhatsApp on Android. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete your WhatsApp Databases folder in order to erase. Most of the cases people are looking for a way to backup Whatsapp chats and media files but in case you won't need the previous backup of..

What is prop 1 houston 2015

Proposition 1 was a referendum held on November 3, , on the anti- discrimination ordinance known as the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). On the same day Houston voters decided Proposition 1, they also decided . Endorse YES on Houston's Proposition 1," September 24, 3, Tuesday is the final day of voting in Houston, Texas, on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), also titled Proposition 1. The proposed legislation..

Tai chow in penang malaysia

Tek Sen Restaurant: Tai Chow or Chzi Char that is excellent!. - See 18 Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town, Penang Island , Malaysia. +60 Penang is one of the most visited states in Malaysia, and we can . Tai Tong Restaurant serves scrumptious dim sum, in a plethora of mini dishes.

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