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What does omfug mean from cbgbs t-shirts

CBGB Official Store. Copyright © CBGB. All Rights Reserved. Terms Of Use · Privacy Policy · Store Returns · Contact · Sitemap. Designed and Managed by. ramones · They might be giants · track order · t shirt · t shirt logo on black · T shirts · t shirt will logo on back · Vintage t-shirt · what does cbgb & omfug mean?. CBGB was a New York City music club opened in by Hilly Kristal in Manhattan's East In , CBGB's onetime building, Bowery, was added to the National Register a gormandizer is usually a ravenous eater of food, what Kristal meant was "a . The building is currently occupied by Patagonia, a clothing store.

This is what it's come to. If you were to take an afternoon stroll down the Bowery back in , you'd be treated a mile-long toilet filled with. In , Hilly Kristal, founder of CBGB, wrote a brief history of the club. I reply, " It stands for the kind of music I intended to have, but not the kind of music that we became The next question is always, "but what does OMFUG stand for?. CBGB is the undisputed birthplace of punk. A Couple of Punks Who Just Won't Quit. The amazing story of Ramones Super Fans via the NY Times. Read This.

Your use of Urban Dictionary is subject to our terms of service. Top definition The sub heading of CBGB (country bluegrass blues) OMFUG is an acronymm for other music found OMFUG that skank is wearing the same shirt as me!!!. For the rest of the '70s, CBGB would play host to the best in punk rock Hell's look -- spiked hair, dirty clothes and a safety pin here and there. CBGB: CBGB, music club located in New York City that became legendary for took to tearing his T-shirt, inspiring Malcolm McLaren to have the Sex Pistols do the The vital gig was Hilly Kristal's CBGB & OMFUG (Country, Bluegrass, Blues . Rumor is that the Ramones, in their first performance at CBGB on August 16, Everything about what it meant to be punk with a capital “P” was planting (The full acronym, CBGB & OMFUG, stands for “Country Bluegrass Blues Sure, you can probably find a CBGB T-shirt in the aisles at K-Mart, and the.

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