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Who would win artorias vs ornstein smough

I actually think Artorious would win, mostly because I think of the knights Artorious was the "lone wolf," of the group who excelled at . If it was abyss artorias vs ornstein, ornstein would definitely win. . Ornstein AND Smough. Provided ornstein offed smough before the fight and is now large enough Buuut- i change my answer, Artorias probably would win, as giant. D So who do you think will win in a 1 vs 1 combat to the death The Ornstein and Smough fight is only considered harder by some people.

No outside help: no Sif, no Smough. Both are in their prime: Artorias is uncorrupted by the Abyss and arm is not broken, Ornstein isn't bored to. Artorias with both of arms available would probably win against Ornstein. #9 to guard the Lordvessel in Anor Londo together with Smough. lalliman wrote: LunarFog wrote: Now lets see Ornstein vs. Artorias. Ornstein is only half of a boss, we both know who would win this. I'm sure.

Ornstein and Artorias Vs. Velstadt and Fume Knight (Dark Souls) . had a pretty long disscussion of between Artorias and Raime who would win. I wish they were consistent then, Smough is as much of a god as Ornstein.

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