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How to hatch a pummel

The Pummel can be bred using monsters that combine to provide all the elements of Plant, Because Potbelly and Fwog take much less time to hatch than both. Breeding/Incubation Time It plays well with the other Monsters, but can only breed with members of its own class. ” ~ Version Entbrat and Pummel · Entbrat. How to breed the pummel monster: Using this guide will help you get the pummel faster than simply trying combinations. Breeding the pummel in My Singing.

Pummel breed combinations, rarity and tips found at My Singing Monsters Breed at Neggs Network! Aquatic Pummels are gill-breathers. They soak themselves. Furcorn - Breed Time 8 Hours - Potbelly + Mammott T-Rox - Breed Time 8 Hours - Mammott + Fwog Pummel - Breed Time 12 Hours - Potbelly +. Ive tried all the possible ways to breed a pummel and i just cant seem to find the right combination. anyone know how?.., My Singing Monsters.

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