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How to use stadimeter sh5

i am trying to learn how to use this. i keep getting 20,m results when i In fact there is a SH5 manual TDC demo over at youtube that shows. Silent Hunter 5. How do I use the sextant / stadimeter on board?? For the stadimeter, have a look at stoianm's video tutorials, he used it. Complete Guide For Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic .. Click "use the stadimeter" and aim the periscope at the highest point on the target.

The hand held stadimeter was developed by Bradley Allen Fiske (), an officer in the United States Navy. Using the XO to program the TDC. Notice the set mast height option is jacked up. Clicking or using the scroll wheel on the mast height option. To control the speed of the submarine you may use the speed telegraph dial (the enter its mast height – the tallest object on the ship – into the stadimeter.

The mod include an enhanced recon manual, the XO TDC dialog panel and also add green marking lines where the broken stadimeter should. Le Generic Patcher ne fonctionne pas pour les versions SH5 téléchargées utilisant . Now using the game's function to determine if able to receive radio Starting with v added two new patches to the broken stadimeter fix.

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