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What is death bringer in latin

Quite literally using a gerund and genitive: Apportens mortis Bringer of death from Apporto and mors Using the title of "executioner": Carnifex The name Lucifer . Dont know if there is a word for the "grim reaper" as in english but id like that translated. "death bringer" / "bringer of death" = mortifer (masculine), mortifera (feminine) Grim Reaper literally translated would be Saevus Messor, but the Romans never used this as a name for. deathbringer translation in English-Latin dictionary.

Need translate "death bringer" to Latin? Here's how you say it. Contextual translation of "death bringer" into Latin. Human translations with examples: mors, death, necro, hunter, mortis, advanced, mongoloid, gloriosum. Contextual translation of "bringer of death" into Latin. Human translations with examples: deus nex, hora morti, deus morte, domina mors, mortem deus, amor.

Translation for: 'death bringer' in English->Latin dictionary. Search nearly 13 million words and phrases in more than language pairs. i came face to face with the bringer of death and chaos. 'mortifer' is perfectly fine, and is a very "Latin" way of agglutinating two root nouns to form a compound noun. Cf 'Christopher' which means. I'm working on a weapon prop and would like to adorn it with the phrase: "Bringer of death, speak your name. For you are my life, and the foe's.

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