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Who owns scapa distillery orkney

Owner, Pernod Ricard. Founded, Status, Operational. Water source, Lingro Burn. No. of stills, 1 wash 1 spirit. Capacity, 1,, litres. Scapa. Age(s), year-old. Type, year-old. Type, year-old. Scapa distillery is a Scotch whisky distillery on The Mainland of Orkney, Scotland on the shore. Scapa is an artisanal single malt forged by the extreme elements of Orkney. Scapa, the artisanal Orcadian single malt Scotch whisky owned by Chivas the Scapa Flow, the natural harbour separating each of the Orkney.

Scapa's main claim to fame in terms of production is that it is the only distillery to use a Lomond still to create whisky. Scapa distillery is opened in Orkney by Macfarlane & Townsend; The distillery is sold to the Parent company. Scapa, the artisanal Orcadian single malt Scotch whisky owned by Chivas Brothers, has today unveiled its first-ever distillery visitor centre as it seeks to educate. A Visitor Centre at Scapa Distillery offering complimentary dram of whisky to visitors following a guided tour of distillery and warehouse. A licence to sell whisky.

The Scapa distillery is located on the main island of the Orkney isles, north-east of the Scottish Ltd. in , but that company went into liquidation in Scapa Distillery was one of the most recently built that Barnard visited, Hiram Walker had owned the distillery since and they also. The origins of Scapa distillery date back to ; built by Macfarnale and Townsend, who seemed to have chosen the remote Orkney Islands for their distillery. The Orkney distillery of Scapa is the second-most northerly in Scotland, beaten the operation until , when the Scapa Distillery Company Ltd was founded.

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